Another steep peak of the crypton.

In November, Bitcoin showed the greatest monthly decline in the entire year, falling from $ 6,350 to $ 4050, which is about 36%. For this period, the crypton was lost $ 80 billion, or 40% of the indicator at the beginning of the month.

Together with the mass sales, there was an increase in commercial circulation, which increased by a third compared to October and reached $ 158 billion. Although Izvestia

Technical analysis suggests that for a long-term bullish reversal the course, the main cryptocurrency must jump up to $ 6,000. However, after breaking through the support level of $ 4,200, such perspectives were neutralized. If the fall will continue in the near future, then the next border will be a recent minimum of $ 3,600. In the event of a height recovery, it can last up to $ 5,000.

Analysts say today’s recession is due to a market strategy and characterized by a high level of volatility. Although the November events inspire critics, whose number includes the executive director of the Swiss bank UBS Paul Donovan. Yesterday, he stated that all people with higher economic education were skeptical from the very beginning to Bitcoin, as they realize that he would never be able to become a full-fledged currency.

At the time when the cryptomic is experiencing a colossal decline, many large financial companies declare plans to expand their participation in this industry. Yesterday, the head of Fidelity Digital Asset Services said that in the near future the company plans to maintain not only Bitcoin and Ether, but also before