Another collapse of the crypton.

As a result of the next collapse, most cryptocurrency fell in price by 10-20%, and the total market capitalization decreased by about $ 14 billion. Bitcoin rate struck the level of $ 3400.

For subsequent 24 hours

Many altcoins suffered even more losses than digital gold. Course Riple (

It is worth noting the unexpected dynamics of Bitcoin SV, which not only managed to resist the collapse, but also grow 18% to $ 106, which increased its capitalization to $ 1.88 billion, allowing for a short time to take 5 rating position for a short time. Despite the many controversial moments and forecasts of experts, the Force was still able to be equal and even briefly overtakes his progenitor, but then

The rapid decline of the time coincided with the statement of SEC on the transfer of the date of decision on the bids on the BITCOIN-ETF on February 27, 2019. However, it was all such actions from the commission that everyone expected, so it was unlikely that this news had a significant impact on the market.

At the moment, Bitcoin fell by 84.2% of his last year’s maximum. Analysts talk about maintaining a negative trend on cryptors and the continuation of the movement in the price corridor of $ 3-4 thousand, and by the end of the year they do not exclude the ability to reduce the course to $ 1500.

Despite the collapse of the market, many investors continue to actively invest in Crypto Industry. One example is