Analysts JP Morgan: Bitcoin’s course may fall below $ 1260

Analysts JP Morgan predict that the Bitcoin rate decreases to $ 2400, and while maintaining a bearish market can fall below $ 1260, noting the complexity of use and dubious benefit of virtual currencies.

According to the experts of the largest investment bank, the value of cryptocurrency technologies has not yet been proven, and they can become claimed only in the anti-estopic future, in which investors are disappointed in traditional assets. Analysts believe that even during the period of economic crisis or recession, there are more liquid and less complex tools for investing, hedging.

JP Morgan also claims that over the past six months, the number of institutional participants on cryptoms has significantly decreased, and a small group of traders now owns a greater share. By adding that the issue of using a virtual currency in payment transactions is still controversial, since no large retail trader began to take it.

In addition to the further fall of the market, analysts also affected the prospects for the technologies of a distributed registry. In their opinion, the blockchain will really help banks reduce costs and increase their digitalization, but it will be possible not earlier than 3-5 years.

However, it seems that the Dutch financial conglomerate ing Group does not pay attention to colleagues, since recently signed