Analysts: In 2019, the crypts will expect stagnation

For almost just 2018, a downward speaker with short-term jumps was observed in the cryptocurrency market. However, pushing from the bottom in December, many coins are moving at the price corridor and attempts to restore. Despite this, in the absence of cardinal changes, many analysts do not expect significant market growth in 2019.

Mikhail Mashchenko, Social Network Analyst for Etoro Investors in Russia and the CIS

Nevertheless, the blockchain remains interesting enough to integrate into business processes of companies, although it looks almost just as futuristic now as quantum computers. It remains only to wait for adequate projects, and not the next template startups, for the idea of creating anything, except for the sale of tokens.

The industry continues to change and transform, which is just great. However, more and more attention is paid precisely the speculative component, and such a breakdown of interest will interfere with uniform development, leading to the rise, then to the fall of quotations.

At the moment, the lack of interest in the industry as ordinary people who are not associated with trading and IT and institution and institutionalists are absolutely clear: cryptocurrencies and startups are boosted in their swamp, where, the impression is created, except for the periodic meetings «Tusovok» nothing happens. I am afraid that at this stage, large companies from the silicon valley have a much more chance of implementing the blockchain, which, however, do not produce their tokens, so investors should somewhat change their tools preferences.

It remains to hope for the actions of the whales: besides some internal manipulations, it is extremely difficult to name the reasons for the growth of quotes, and in their absence, the exchange rate is most likely to continue to hang out in the $ 3000- $ 5000 range throughout 2019.


In the near future, Bitcoin will remain within $ 3300- $ 4500, the price of cryptocurrency by the end of 2019 will depend on the market situation. It can be $ 1 thousand, and $ 10 thousand.

Oleg Bogdanov, chief analyst «Teletrede Group»

New blocks-based systems should appear, faster, more reliable with minimal risk levels. A trade infrastructure must be changed, which is still imperfect and cause serious irritation from investors. In general, the cryptocurrency market can be attributed to Emerging Markets with instability and volatility for them. The main idea of the crypton is independent of regulators and freedom of transactions will still live in investment masses.

Maria Salikova, lead analyst LLC «Expert Plus»

Should I wait for the growth of Bitcoin? While there will not be a fracture of the interests of sellers — no, buy BTC is not worth it. In 2019, it is possible to expect to update the minimum value of the cryptocurrency exchange rate and market stagnation. While no backgrounds for optimism.

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For business, a reputation and quality of products is also important, the investigator, this has become the main goals of the cryptosocence in 2018, and this trend will be maintained for several more years.

Restrained optimism is characterized by the fact that

In the next five years, Crypto Industry and Cretolutes will survive one of the most important stages of its history, which will be accompanied by a positive market.

2019 will be a quiet time of change in which, for example, for bitcoine, the average price for the year at 6000 will be the time of the moderate level of investors.

However, not all experts are pessimistic about the perspectives of the year. With their inspiring forecasts can be found in our