An analyst Exante called the main factors of the criports

An analyst of the investment company Exante Victor Argonov believes that the rapid collapse of the cryptoclodes contributes to changing the conditions of work of cryptoch, the instability of financial markets and the decline in the attractiveness of mining.

At the moment, Bitcoin (

According to the analyst, one of the main reasons was the fact that the stock exchanges tightened the rules for the conclusion of money or significantly increased commissions. Also, the overall influence was provided by the overall fever in the financial markets, which leads to the exit of risky assets. Another important factor was a massive disconnection of ASIC, which can enhance the volatility of the Bitcoin course in the medium term. According to F2Pool, only 600 to 800 thousand miners are disconnected in China only. This is 13% as of the end of November.

When adding that the current phase of the reduction has not yet reached the past 80-85% of the peak values of the past Bitcoin colts.

With regard to future prospects of most altcoins, expert forecasts are disappointing:

«Part of the coins that did not manage to capture a substantial market share, generally cease existence, as it was in 2014-2015.»

According to Viktor Argonova, it is necessary to understand that cryptocurrency and blockchain today is a global IT industry with hundreds of thousands of high-class specialists employed directly in various projects, and multi-million community traders, hollows, and just interested. Thanks to the adoption of the regulation of virtual currencies in the Eurozone (Malta) in 2018, doors were opened for institutional investors, which gives interesting prospects for the industry in 2019.

This market dynamics negatively affects not only active cryptocurrency, but also on large projects, such as Telegram, Filecoin, which are still