American regulator interested in Ethereum features

Commission on Commerce Futures USA (CFTC) published an official request for information collection to learn public opinion and better understand the features of the ether and the Ethereum blockchain.

The regulator expects to establish feedback, in parallel, clarifying the mechanisms, opportunities, technology and potential risks of popular cryptocurrency. Answers will be taken within 60 days from the date of publication. The organization seeks to expand its report on the market and begins to look closely for lead projects, in addition to Bitcoin, to understand their basic similarities and differences.

The application says that the collected information will be used to improve the activities of CFTC in the sphere of cryptocurrency and increase the efficiency of regulating the growing market. The data will also be transferred to the regulator’s research division specializing in Fintech.

It is possible that such interest is caused by working out the issue of trade in futures on the air. At the moment, cryptocurrency contracts are limited only by Bitcoin. However, in November NASDAQ

Recall that after a long discussion, the developers Ethereum still decided on